The Growler – February 2018

Growler Newsletter

February 2018 Edition


Hello Pups, Cats, Handlers, and Friends of the Pack,

We haven’t done a newsletter in ages!  We hope this format is faster and easier for you to read.  We’d love your feedback.

Your TCPP Leadership Team has had a busy month of planning in the month of January, and we’ve made some very exciting announcements. Before we begin, we first want to give a birthday shout out to our members that have a birthday this month!


Pup Scout – Community Outreach Coordinator


Website Update

As of this newsletter, all members have been transitioned over to our new membership platform and our website update is now mostly complete.  This is exciting for us as it will allow better administration and communications.  The next two major bits in the puzzle is a allowing new and existing members to begin paying for their memberships on-line, and a visual refresh of our site.  Be on the lookout for those changes coming very soon.  Questions regarding the site can be sent to and technology related questions/issues to


Best in Show Contest Announced

This news is MAJOR for our still growing pack!  Our contest also marks our 1-year anniversary of Twin Cities Puppy Pack being officially founded (that’s 10.5 years in human years).

As announced, our Best in Show contest is focused on our mission of giving back to the community, and not another title holder event.  We’re planning to have a fun contest while raising lots of money for charity along the way.  We’re working on some special things just for TCPP members for the Best in Show contest so stay tuned for that announcement.  Also, because it’s a talent show, we need talent!  If you or a friend would love to get up on stage and help raise money, start thinking about it, as we’ll be formalizing the contest rules and soon and opening signups for contestants.  Questions regarding Best in Show can be sent to


New Monthly Events!

Now that we have Pup Scout as our Community Outreach Coordinator, we can start working again on planning monthly events for our members and our community.  We are happy to announce two new monthly events that will be debuting soon:

Walkies:  Walkies is our new monthly event.  Movies, art galleries, bowling, mini-golf, zoo visits, you name/suggest it, and it could be a Walkies event.  We will be announcing our first Walkies event soon!

All-Ears:  All Ears is our way of bringing education and conversation about topics to a round-table discussion.  Topics can range from fun things like “Best ways to take care of your pup gear” to serious topics “Pup/Handler consent/relationship issues.”  We believe that having these conversations in person instead of just online can bring value to the topics discussed, and we hope to provide meaningful conversation to community in the process.

Suggestions for both Walkies and All-Ears events can be sent to


Monthly Meeting Reminder

Don’t forget, our monthly meeting is at Twin Cities Leather and Latte on February 11th, from 1 to 3pm.  You can let us know you’re attending in advance by sending us a meeting RSVP via Eventbrite on our website (link here).

Also, if you can’t make it, but want your voice to be heard, you can always leave us a comment on both our meeting agenda and meeting minuets updates on our TCPP Wiki site, which is accessible via our homepage.  The TCPP Wiki is being updated with our bylaws, amendments, meeting minutes, and meeting agendas.

That’s all for now.  Keep your ears tuned to our website for updates.  Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates!


Pup Dingo

Public Relations Director

Twin Cities Puppy Pack



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