Growler Newsletter – March 2018

Barks, scritches and treats!!


Sorry for the late publication of the newsletter.  We had to be sure all the bits and pieces were ready before we could push it out.   We’ve got a lot of news, so hang on to your leash!




Just one birthday this month in our ranks!  Happy Birthday to Pup Aries!


Giving Back to Those that Put “Community First”


As you might have heard either during Mr. Twin Cities Leather Weekend, from friends, or from social media, our community partner, Twin Cities Leather and Latte has fallen on some very tough financial times.


TCPP is helping by keeping a running update on our website of ways you can help.  From simple t-shirts to fundraising events, we’re making sure that we’re keeping you updated on what’s going on with our valued space in the community.  If you know of or are planning a fundraising event for TCL&L and want help spreading the word, let us know!


Telegram Chat!

We here at TCPP know that some members of the community either A) don’t use Facebook or B) dislike using Facebook but C) want to keep in touch with what is going on and connect with other members of the community.


We’ve decided to deploy Telegram as an official communications channel for TCPP.  You’ll be able to get all the official announcements from TCPP and be able to have a dialog with other members and the leadership team on any topics you want to discuss.  Your topic might even turn into a future All Ears or Walkies event.


You can join the Telegram chat by clicking this link here.  We look forward to seeing you there!

TCPP Patches Update


Thanks to everyone that provided input on our patch survey.  We are in the process of selecting a vendor and ordering up small (4 inch) TCPP patches.  Pre-orders will be starting soon!  For those interested in the large patch (10 inch), stay tuned as we will be providing details regarding that size as they become available.


Other TCPP Gear?


In response to our members asking us for gear with the TCPP logo on it, we are in the process of putting together items that would best represent the club.


The first item is the new TCPP club pin.  The new pins are arriving soon, and you can pre-order yours right now!  Members can purchase a pin for $3 and non-members can get them for $5.  As a bonus for current members, we will be providing a free membership pin, so look for an e-mail with those details coming soon.


Shirts, Shorts, Drawstring Backpacks, and More!


We are actively looking at various options to provide ways to allow you to promote TCPP with various gear.  We are taking suggestions for what kind of gear you want us to make available with the TCPP logo on it.  You can e-mail us here with your suggestions.


Best in Show 2018 Update


Our first annual Best in Show Weekend is going full steam ahead, but we need your help.  If you know of any one that wants to help put together an awesome weekend for the community while raising money for the designated charity, Helping Paws, you can reach out to our President, Pup Bolt either via e-mail or via Telegram Chat.



Events Update


As we mentioned in the February Growler, we are in the planning stages of two event types: All Ears and Walkies.  We’re getting the final details worked out on time and location of those and you’ll be hearing about those very soon.


We’ve also decided to take a secondary approach to events.  Any event that you think would be awesome for TCPP to join in on, we’re going to call “Paw Up” events.  Competing in a contest, or performing in a show and want some TCPP support?  Or how about a bar or some other event that you think would be fun that’s already planned out?  Grab your favorite chew toy and lets roll!  Watch for a separate announcement on our social media platforms to learn how to suggest a Paw Up event!



Popular Question:  When is TCPP going to host a mosh?


Great question and yes, we’ve been asked multiple times.  The biggest setback right now on putting a mosh together is the purchase of the necessary mats.  We’re exploring all options to find the best mats possible at a price point that won’t break the bank.  As soon as we’re ready to start hosting mosh events you’ll be hearing about it for sure!


Need a Ride to CLAW 18 in April?


TCPP is heading to CLAW this year, and we have 4 additional seats in our van if you’re needing a ride to and from the event.  Our van is leaving Thursday (4/26) and we’re returning on Monday (4/30).  For additional questions regarding riding with us and to reserve a spot, you can reach out to Pup Twilight, our Vice President via e-mail or Telegram chat.


Volunteering Opportunities


TCPP is looking for help with the following events.  If you’re looking to the chance to give back to the community, reach out to Pup Twilight (e-mail or Telegram) to let us know that you’re willing to lend a paw!


Rent-A-Pet Charity Drive at Rubber Ball USA: Saturday, April 14th


LEASHED! A Handler Event at CLAW 18: Saturday, April 28th from 11pm to 1AM



Upcoming Events


3/16: The Tank at The SaloonTCPP Paw Up Event!

3/17:  Pups After Dark Presents: Art for Hearts, A Fundraiser for TCL&L

3/17:  WANK March: Ginger Night

3:24:  Chaps & Hats Underwear Auction – Hosted by the North Star Gay Rodeo Association

3/25:  Shave Our Space, A Benefit for Twin Cities Leather and Latte

3/30:  A Pup’s Night Out at SaloonTCPP Paw Up Event!

4/1:  3rd Annual Hunky Jesus Contest – Hosted by Ladies of the Lakes

4/6-8:  Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend

4/7:  North Star Kennel Club April Public Mosh @ Minnesota Leather Pride – EagleBolt Bar

4/8:  TCPP April Monthly Meeting

4/14:  Rubber Ball USA Midwest Fetish Party

TCPP Walkies Event:  Rent-A-Pet Charity Drive during Rubber Ball

4/26-30: CLAW 18 – Cleveland, OH

TCPP Paw Up Event:  LEASHED! A Handler A Handler Event – 4/28

7/12-15:  International Puppy & Handler Weekend – St. Louis, MO

7/13:  Atons Camp Out 2018: Leather in the Woods

8/3-5:  Twin Cities Puppy Pack: Best in Show Weekend 2018

8/10-12:  North Star Puppy & Handler Weekend

10/5-7:  Puppies in the Mountains – Colorado Springs, CO


These events will be updated to our Google Calendar and our website.  Not subscribed to our Google Calendar?  Here’s the link so you never miss out on an event that TCPP is hosting or is going to!


Got an event that you want listed?  Let our Public Relations Director, Pup Dingo know by e-mailing him here, or reaching out to him via our Telegram chat.  Not sure if your event should be on our calendar? Reach out to us anyway!  TCPP is all about building community, and we’d love to help if we can.


Don’t forget to connect to us via your preferred platform:


TCPP Website

Facebook Page


Telegram Chat



And Speaking of Instagram…


If you would like to volunteer your photography skills to TCPP, let us know.  We’d be happy to showcase your photos on our social media and website platforms.  You can reach out to Pup Dingo (e-mail or Telegram) to let him know that you want to help.


That’s all for this month!  We know we dumped A LOT of information in this newsletter.  We hope you’ve found it useful.  If you have any questions or feedback regarding the newsletter or anything TCPP related, you can reach out to us at


We look forward to seeing you at our first Walkies, Paw Up, and other events through the community!


Pup Dingo

Public Relations Director

Twin Cities Puppy Pack


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