Howler Express Newsletter – September 2018

The Newsletter Formerly Known As: The Growler

The Board decided to rename the newsletter due to a beer publication having the same name as our previous one.


Open Board Seats

  • Public Relations

Develop and execute strategies that are intended to create and uphold a positive public image with the community, by working with and forming relationships with various businesses, members of the community, and the public. This shall help generate new opportunities for the organization to help the community grow.

  • Member Services

Develops relationships with the members, by helping with membership enrollment, reminding members of annual dues and membership renewals.

Board Updates

On July 8th, the Board decided not to open voting for a leadership change this year. We’re still incorporating, and must lay the groundwork for a more cohesive and engaging event schedule and documented leadership structure before passing the torch to new leadership.

Our first vote will open July 14th, 2019 and close August 2nd. New leadership will be announced August 11th, and training and transitioning will take place until September 8th.

New Board Members

President—Pup Twilight

Vice President—Pup Winter

Secretary—Pup Benson

Treasurer—Pup Whimsy

Community Outreach—Pup Gideon

Member Services—OPEN

Public Relations—OPEN

Community Partnerships

Anyone have a community partnership idea? Please feel free to let us know as we continue to build relationships with other organizations! There will be frequent updates.


Paws Up Alert!

Pup Twilight’s birthday is September 21st, and we’re all going to The Tank at The Saloon to celebrate with him. Show up or you’ll be in the doghouse.

Event Updates

These events will be updated to our Google Calendar and our website.  Not subscribed to our Google Calendar?  Here’s the link so you never miss out on an event that TCPP is hosting or is going to!

Don’t forget to connect to us via your preferred platform:

TCPP Website

Facebook Page


Telegram Chat




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