February 2018 – Minutes


General Meeting Minutes for Twin Cities Puppy Pack – 2/11/2018

Date and Time: February 11th 1pm-3pm

Present: Raven Charging Hawk, Alex Payne, Dick Salami, Nick Patterson, James Lester, Kole Durant, Bradley Janssen, Tom Fairfield, Mark, Ryan

Absent: Justin Towers

Location: Basement of Twin Cities Leather and Latte


Meeting called to order at 1:18pm

Officer Reports:

  • Secretary Raven presents January minutes. Alex moves to approve January minutes. Seconded by James. Motion passed by all.


  • Treasurer Justin is absent (Alex standing in) presented January expenses. $281.16 expenses. $672.84 is our operating balance. Bradley and Justin need to keep in close contact about money coming in for new members.


  • President Kole presents about how we’re growing well. We’re planning more events.

Board Member Reports:

  • PR Alex reported that our online store is working. Paypal isn’t working at the current moment but Alex will fix that later this afternoon. MNLP dog tags are online. Everything for Best in Show is online. Alex got Raven onto the WIKI so all previous minutes and agendas will start being uploaded. Everything is functioning. Alex is going to merge Webmail into the Google account to make things easier.


  • Community Outreach Coordinator James reported about how we want to host 2 events a month. 1 walkie a month like small things like trivia night, walks in the skyways, trampoline night. All Ears night is where a topic is presented at LUSH. Time and location needs to be found that works the best for everyone at large, a survey will be posted on our Facebook page. The drag brunch was brought up for us to go to, if we go we can get a discount as pups.  Pop up events were brought up.
  • Member Services Director Bradley reported about memberships. We currently have 22 approved pups with 4 pending (payment). We only offer a year membership that can be paid in 2 payments.


  • Best in Show: Kole needs volunteers to be on the committee and if you volunteer you won’t be able to compete.
  • CLAW: We are official sponsor for leashed handler party. Invoice of $250 sent out. Pups have to be leashed with a handler to attend. We will have mats so we can throw a small mosh. We’ll provide snacks and beverages. Benson will update the group about the prices of renting a van.  
  • Pawlympics: Iowa City March 3rd. 9am-2pm. Mainly for newbies. Hypnosis for an hour. Hour of physical trainer to warm up. Individual games. 1 hour lunch break. Group games. Whoever is going needs to flag our colors but we will print a banner and bring it with. We will discuss donating a pass to Best in Show to Pawlympics.

**5 minute break approved by everyone**

  • Patches and Pins: Nick ordered pins. $212 cost. All members will get one free pin. Additional pins can be purchased by members for an additional cost. $3 for members and $5 for non members. 10” and 4” patches have to be purchased at a minimum of 10. Alex did a survey on Facebook and the numbers were a dead tie. Small patches were favored after questionable votes were taken out. Questionable votes were votes that were cast within seconds of each other in favor of one patch size.
  • Member Cards: Raven has the cards for members. Kole and Raven will work on getting our cards out to members which gives us a discount at our home bar LUSH.
  • Member Payments: An amendment for our payment process will be presented at the next meeting
  • Rubber Ball: James got in touch with Vincent. We can accommodate as many pups as want to come. Proceeds for rent a pup will go to Helping Paws. It’s the 2nd weekend of April held in St Paul hosted by Bondesque. We will get passes if we volunteer. A post will be made on the Facebook page to get volunteers.
  • Logo Rules: Alex presented about our logo, the logo is our property. Rules were printed and presented to the group. Rules were presented by Alex.

Other Business

  • President Kole needs to add Nick to the bank account


  • Alex motions to add Justin Towers to the bank account. Seconded by Nick Patterson.


  • Alex motions to add Nick Patterson to the bank account. Seconded by James.

New Business

  • Dick wishes to have TCPP work with black guard.

Comments Concerns and Updates

  • Nobody brought any concerns

Closed meeting called at 2:36pm

Meeting Adjourned at 2:54pm



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