Howler Express Newsletter – November 2018

Barkin’ Boudoir – The TCPP Photo Calendar!

  • Pup Aspen and Pup Zuki are organizing a photo calendar featuring our members, for us to celebrate our fursonalities and raise funds for our annual events! For those interested, we value consent of your images, so discuss together how you’re represented. Please message Pup Aspen or for more information (signups, questions, comments, concerns)

Event Updates

These events will be updated to our Google Calendar and our website.  Not subscribed to our Google Calendar?  Here’s the link so you never miss out on an event with TCPP!

Paws Up Alerts!

  • None currently!
  • “Paws Up!” events are non-TCPP events that members may be interested in.

Winter Gatherings

  • Go Fetch! Game Day at Twilight’s—November 25th, 5PM

Come one come all to recover from Thanksgiving festivities/obligations. Bring board games, smiles, and hugs for all!

  • Bread and Beans – December TBD

Chili feed and frybread fundraiser for the Hennepin/Hiawatha encampment! Stay tuned for more details.

  • Pups After Dark – January 26th, 5pm

TCPP is sponsoring Pups After Dark, an annual non-profit event organized by locals for locals. The recipient of proceeds will be announced soon! Please check the Pups After Dark tab on our website for more information.

Recurring Social Gatherings

  • Tank Night – Every Tank at the Saloon is a social gathering that will have pup representation. We’ve partnered with the Saloon to provide shot service by shared shifts among our membership, in return for free entry for all members. We need all paws on deck in December to prove to the Saloon that we are reliable and successful and we’re a worthy investment of theirs, our success will help build our relationship with the Saloon for future events and partnerships.
  • TBD Social Night – Please respond to Pup Gideon’s poll in the Telegram chat so we can determine the time and day on which we have the most pup availability. From that point we will create a monthly social event for us all to hang out and mingle.

Community Partnerships

Anyone have a community partnership idea? Please feel free to let us know as we continue to build relationships with other organizations! Please offer all ideas to Pup Aspen on Telegram or

Don’t forget to connect to us via your preferred platform:

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